Best Cheese for your Charcuterie board

As Wisconsinites, we like to offer a wide variety of cheeses to select with your box. Not sure which to get? Find out more about the cheeses we offer below. Do they all sound good? Select “Surprise me” when checking out :)


Made right here in Wisconsin, this cheese takes wine and cheese pairings to the next level. It is actually soaked in merlot wine during the production process. This semi hard cheese has a rich and creamy texture with notes of plum and berry from the wine.


Gouda is a semi soft cheese from the Netherlands. It’s creamy texture makes it a crowd favorite. Stack it on a cracker with a slice of meat to make a bite sized sandwich or enjoy it on its own to let its nutty flavor stand out.


This famous French cheese is soft and gooey on the inside with a rind on the outside. It’s perfect for spreading on a cracker (or just dip it right in the cheese, we won’t tell anyone). Try topping it with some jam or honey.


Do you like Brie and also enjoy cheeses with stronger flavors? If so, Camembert is perfect for you! Soft on the inside with a outer rind like it’s fellow French cheese, Camembert has some earthy notes and a tangy


This cheese needs no introduction. Eat it on it’s own, with a cracker, with some fruit or a slice of meat. No matter how your party enjoys it, it’s guaranteed to go fast.


This is another cheese we’ve all been familiar with since childhood. Try pairing this soft and neutral flavored cheese with some fruits or meat.


This semi soft cheese comes from Spain and is made from sheep’s milk. It is a versatile cheese for pairing. Try a slice with the nuts or olives.


Another versatile cheese, goat cheese spreads well on a cracker and pairs well with honey, jam, and a variety of fruits. It’s low lactose content also makes it a good choose for those with a lactose intolerance.



  • What a Box taught me to eat cheese, for sure! Merlot my favorite so far ✨. Thank you for sharing this!

    Victoria Cuenca
  • The Manchego sounds like it needs to be in my next box 🤔 ❤

  • Thank you for taking the time to describe all of the cheeses and advising me on what to get! I never know what goes with What.
    Can’t wait for my next box❤️

  • This additional information about the cheese that What A Box offers is extremely helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make each event so special!

    Maryl Lanham
  • What is the maximum variety of cheese I can get in one board? I can’t pick one :( 😂I wish you could surprise me with a mix of all


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